T u t o r i a l s

Introduction tutorials

Some simple tutorials to introduce Photofiltre

Detailed tutorials

These tutorials are more detailed. The will show you some of the original ideas
created with PhotoFiltre and PhotoMasque
Text and image

This tutorial shows you how to create text from an image and insert it into
another image

Drawing and text effects

This very complete example is intended to show various menus of PhotoFiltre
while drawing

Digital effect

This small example shows you how to create an image with a digital effect


Create a personalized postcard with perspective
Postmarked envelope

To send our postcard in a matched, stamped envelope !
Outlines and frames

It is easy enough to create advanced outlines and frames

Easily create a sheet of passport photo's
PhotoFiltre Selections (pdf, 27 Kb)

A quick tutorial to show you how to create a selection file for PhotoFiltre.
English version / Dutch version by Jeroen de Bruijn
Click here for dutch version

Artistic Blending

How to create mixed images of semi-professional quality ?
A hands-on tutorial !

Click here for dutch version

"Halo"effect behind text

Create "halo" effect behind a text using a mask
Text distortion

Apply a distortion to a text using an image intermediate

Optimized clipping & special joining

How To use the function "optimised clipping" to create a fake image
Author : Pascal Dehont

Artistic assemblage

Create an artistic assembly of semi-professional quality
Author : Benjamin Fournier

Downlaod all these tutorials in spanish (817 Kb / CHM / Vicente León Aragonés)
Downlaod all these tutorials in english (1.33 Mb / PDF / Jürgen Tilly)
Czech translation here (Eva Susnova aka SuE)


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