Text distortion

It is not possible to directly apply a distortion to a text but we can easily obtain this result using an
image (mask) intermediate.

1. Create an enough large image to insert the text
and to apply the effects
Background white, 500x300 pixels

2. Insert the text
PhotoFiltre, black, font Arial, size 70, bold

3. Validate the text (menu Edit/Validate or Enter)

4. Show the selection (menu Selection or CTRL+D)

5. Apply the distortion (menu Edit / Transform / Dist)
Stretch to the top on the left side and to the bottom on the
right side

6. Validate the transformation (Enter or Right-clic / Validate)

7. Select the magic wand tool
Tolerance 30, check Color option
Clic on the text (black pixels)
All the text must be delimited by the selection

8. Copy the shape (menu Selection / Copy shape)

9. Open your image support and paste the shape
(menu Selection / Paste shape)
Place the text in the required spot

10. Menu Edit / Stroke and fill (or CTRL+B)
Stroke red, width 1 pixels, antialias, Background white (or select a pattern)

11. Menu Filter / Stylize / Drop shadow
Use default values and validate

12. Hide the selection (Menu Selection or CTRL+D)


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz