"Halo"effect behind text

Let's achieve a "halo" effect behind a text by means of the function "Paste special / mask"

Start by opening your picture support and do some tests to determine the font type and size to use

A. The Mask : creating the halo

1. Create a new image
Menu Edit / New :
- Background white, size larger than the text to be inserted

2. Insert the text in black
Menu Image / Text :
- Color Black, font of choice (here Arial), bold
- Right-click / Validate text

3. Apply Blurring
Menu Filter / Visual effect / Gaussian blur :
- Radius between 5 and 7

B. The Mask : Hollow out the text

4. Apply the same text in white
This is to hollow out the text

5. Strengthen the black tones
Click 3 or 4 times the button gamma correct (-)

6. The mask is ready
Copy this mask (Edit / Copy, or Right-click and Copy)

C. Applying the mask to the picture

7. Open your image support

8. Choose the color of your "halo"
Click on the desired color in the tools palette

9. Paste the mask
Menu Edit / Paste Special / Mask :
- Place the pasting in the required spot (using the mouse
or the keyboard arrows)

10. Apply rotation
Menu Edit / Transform / Free
- Adjust the desired angle

D. Final Image


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz
Translation Martin Lotter