Artistic Assemblage

We are going to achieve an assemblage of images of semi-professional quality. Although you may not
grasp the principle, you will notice that the Arithmetical plugin offers quite a lot of possibilities.

Start by downloading the following two images, then open them in PhotoFiltre.

A. Mask creation

1. Create a new image
Width : 50 (corresponding to the number of pixels of the superimposition)
Height : 600 (corresponding to the common height of the two images)

2. Filter / Color / Gradient
Color 1 : Black, 100%
Color 2 : White, 100%
Direction : Left to Right

3. Canvas size (size of the work area)
Width : 750 (sum of the width of images - number of pixels of the superimposition)
Height : 600
Position : Center
Background : White

4. Fill the left area in black

B. Adjusting the two images

5. Activate the first image
(the mountain)

6. Canvas size
Width : 750
Position : Left

7. Activate the second image (the sea)

8. Canvas size
Width : 750
Position : Right
C. Dissolve
9. Open the Arithmetic plugin

Formula : (I1*(255-I3)+I2*I3)/255

I1 being the mountain, I2 the sea, and I3 the mask
(if the order is different, just rearrange the order in the list)
Click here to see the final result !


Copyright Benjamin Fournier
Translation Martin Lotter