Postmarked envelope

For sending our small postcard to somebody we will need a matching postmarked envelope. If successful
it could be treated with humour but if not don't forget that it's possible to give away some ideas...

Retrieve the image used in the left part of the Postcard by clicking clicking here
A. Creating the postmark
1. Menu Image / Image size
Uncheck the "Preserve aspect ratio" option
New size : Width 60, Height 80

2. Menu Image / Outside frame
Width 2 pixels, Color Black
Try to reproduce the example on the left by applying
the instructions below

3. Menu Image / Canvas size
300% in Width and 300% in Height, Background Color White, Centred

4. Select a rectangular area down below and to the left of the postmark

5. Apply the filter Stylize / Scanlines / Black lines

6. Select a rectangular area above and to the left of the postmark
Hold down the SHIFT key to enable a square form

7. Menu Selection / Set shape / Ellipse (or press B)

8. Menu Edit / Stroke and fill (or CTRL+B)
Stroke : Black, 1 pixel, Smooth

9. Insert the text
Font : Courier New, Size 9, Bold, Color Black

10. Validate the text (press ENTER)

11. Copy the resulting image (menu Edit / Copy or CTRL+C)
B. Creating the envelope
12. Menu File / New image
Width 500, Height 300, Background White

13. Paste the postmark (menu Edit or CTRL+V)

14. Place the postmark above as on the left
Use the mouse or the direction keys

15. Validate (press ENTER)
16. Re-etablish the rectangular form
(menu Selection / Set shape or press A)

17. Select an area level with the address
In the example I used a selection of 320 x 150 pixels
(Menu Selection / Manual settings)
18. Filter Other / Grid generator
Check Horizontal lines only, Cell size 40 pixels
You have to adjust the spacing in order to obtain 3 horizontal
lines (use Preview)

19. Hide selection (CTRL+D)
20. Insert the dest addressee
Font Comic Sans MS, Size 18 points
Bold, Italic, Coour Dark Blue

21.Position on the first line

22. Validate by pressing ENTER
It's important not to lose the text !

23. Insert the lines that follow
Line per line and validate each time
C. Perspective View (optional)
24. Filter Deform / Trapezoid / Perspective
Background Black, Axis vertical, Left Distort 100%, Right Distort 90%

25. Image / Rotate / Free
Angle (-5) degrees, Background Black, Adjust Size, Antialias

26. Filter / Deform / Trapezoid / Perspective
Background Black, Axis horizontal, Top distort 80%, Bottom 100%

27. Menu Image / Outside frame
10 pixels, Color Black
Click here to see the final result !


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz
Translation Martin Lotter