There are several methods to create a sheet of passport photo's starting from only one photo. I propose
to you here a method very simple and accessible to all.

The first stage consists in choosing a good photo. It is important because your head will be duplicated !

1. Menu Image / Fit image
Width 200 pixels
Height 200 pixels

2. Menu Image / Outside frame
White, Width 5 pixels
(this stage is not necessary if your photo contains already a frame)

3. Menu Selection / Select all (or CTRL+A)

4. Menu Edit / DEfine pattern

5. Menu Image / Canvas size
Width 400% (corresponds to 4 photo in width)
Height 400% (corresponds to 4 photo in height)

6. Menu Edit / Fill with pattern

7. Menu Image / Outside frame
White, width 5 pixels
(for a symmetrical grid effect)

Print the result on a bristol-board paper with a good inkjet printer and cut out each photo.
Have fun !


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz