Digital effect

A quick and simple tutorial to show you how to realize a digital effect. The PhotoMasque module allows
you to apply nice and customized patterns. Abuse it !

A. Creating the pattern
1. File / New (or CTRL+N)
300 x 200, white background.

2. Insert the following text.


Font Arial, size 18 points, color black.

3. Image / Automatic crop

4. Image / Outside frame
Width : 5 pixels, color : white.

5. Filter / Stylize / Scanlines / White lines.
Apply this filter three times.

6. Save the image under GIF or BMP format.
Name the file Digital.gif for example.
B. Applying the pattern using PhotoMasque
1. Open the image you want to process.
The image background would be better dark.

2. Launch Filter / PhotoMasque
- Select the mask you have just created
- Use a green color
- Mode color
- Opacity 50 %
- Tile mask

3. Scanlines
Apply this filter with the black color.
Click here to see the final result !


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz
Translation François Licard