Outlines and frames

Achieve Outlines and Frames very simply. These examples are only intended to give you ideas.
You need to adapt the values according to the actual size of your images.

Ragged outline

1. With the Lasso Tool (or key I)
Surround the central part of the image freehand.
Try to achieve an irregular contour

You can equally use an Ellipse selection or the
predefined selection 'Star01.pfs'

2. Menu Selection / Invert
(or Ctrl+I)

3. Menu Edit / Stroke and Fill
(or Ctrl+B)
Deselect Stroke, select Fill and choose White as colour

4. Menu Filter / Flatten / Note Paper

5. Menu Selection / Invert
(or Ctrl+I)
Cancels Invert mode

6.Menu Filter / Stylize / Drop Shadow
Offset X and Y, value 10, opacity 70%
(personalize to your taste)

Frame in Relief

1. Menu Image / Outside Frame
Colour White, Width 10 pixels

2. Menu Image / Outside Frame
Colour Mid Pastel Blue, Width 30 pixels

3. Menu Selection / Select All
(or Ctrl+A)

4. Menu Selection / Contract
Width 29 pixels (this corresponds to the width of the second Frame
less 1 pixel - i.e 30 - 1 = 29)

5. Menu Selection / Invert
(or Ctrl+I)

6.Menu Filter / Texture / Sandstone
Apply this texture twice to re-inforce

7. Menu Selection / Hide Selection
(or Ctrl+D)

8. Menu Filter / Frame / Smoothed Frame 3D


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz
Translation Alastair N. ROSS