Artistic blending

This tutorial shows you how to create an artistic blending of images of semi-professional quality.
When you have understand the principle behind it, you can explore the endless possibilities of
the "Edit >> Past special >> Image with linked mask" function

Start with downloading the following images (right-click >> save as) and open them with PhotoFiltre.

A. Creating the mask:

1. Duplicate the portrait image
menu Image >> Duplicate
This method allows you to create an image of the same size.

2. Make a black to white gradient
Menu Filter >> Color >> Gradient
Direction: Left to right
Color 1 = black, opacity = 100 %
Color 2 = white, opacity = 100 %

3. Add some noise to the gradient
Menu Filter >> Noise >> Add noise
Amount = 5
Uniform = checked

B. Assemble the portrait with the gradient

4. Copy the whole gradient
Menu Selection >> Select All
Menu Edit >> Copy

Activate the first image (portrait)

6. Past the copied gradient next to the portrait
Menu Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble
Assemble Clipboard data at = Right

7. Select the result and copy it
Menu Selection >> Select All
Menu Edit >> Copy

C. Blend the two pictures
8. Activate the second picture 2 (Clouds).

9. Paste as image with linked mask
Menu Edit >> Paste Special >> Image with linked mask

10. Press <enter> to validate the change
(or <escape> to undo)
Click here to see the final result ! 


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz
Transaltion Jeroen de Bruijn