Text and Image

In this example I show you how to fill in your text in an image in order to insert it inside another image.
You will need the images panthere.jpg and perroquet.jpg

1. Open the panther image

2. Insert the follow text :

Text Tab
- Font : Impact, Size 80 points
- Text 'PhotoFiltre'
- Color : White (choose a color not used in the image)
- Deactivate smoothing (it's important for the continuation)

Effects Tab
- Opacity 100
- Negative mode

Move the text so as to obtain a good background area
(Avoid any dark background area if you are going to paste the text into
another dark background)

3. Menu Selection / Show selection
By default the selection occupies the white section

4. Menu Image / Crop

5. And menu Image / Automatic crop

6. Copy the result (menu Edit / Copy, or CTRL+C)

7. O
pen the image of the parrot

8. Paste the contents of the clipboard
(menu Edit / Paste, or CTRL+V)
9. Menu Edit / Options Paste :
- Opacity 100
- Check Transparency
- Transparency color White
- Tolerance 0

10. Position the text where you want it, then Validate
(Menu Edit / Validate or Enter)

Click here to see the result !


Copyright Antonio Da Cruz
Translation Martin Lotter