PhotoFiltre registration

License price

For private, non commercial or educational use (including non-profit organizations) you don't need
registration. But for commercial or professional use, you need to purchase a license to receive your
registration key.

User count Price per user
1 to 9 20 euros
10 to 49 18 euros
50 to 99 15 euros
100 or more contact me

If you want to have more information contact me by e-mail :


The payment is carried out via Share*it. You can pay by credit card, cheque and bank transfer.
At the end of the payment, you will automatically receive your licence key by e-mail. You will also
have the possibility of printing an invoice. Click here to continue.
In the share*it payment page, click on the button "Quickbuy"
The online order via Share*It is secure and your credit card number is fully protected.

Enter your key in PhotoFiltre

Once your key personal registration key received, you must register it in PhotoFiltre :
1. Launch the menu [? > Registration]
2. Type-in your name by respecting the capital letters and tiny
3. Type-in your registration key by group of five characters (ignore the character "-")
4. If the input is correct, click on the button [Ok]
5. Launch the menu [? > About PhotoFiltre], if you see your name, then, the registration process
is completed

Copyright Antonio Da Cruz